His smile is what greets her in
the wee hours of the morning.
His voice sends chills up and
down her spine.
His touch brings everything
alive as if its the first time.
His laughter is like a warm
hug that chases the sadness away.

He is the other half.
His goodnight wishes and kisses
she holds on to and tucks them under
her pillow.
When it is all said and done,
she reaches out to touch him.
She whispers a prayer
please keep the one that I love safe.

She wipes a tear away and
closes the lid of her laptop.
He is always here thou
he is far away.

Kimber Michaela 2012

This is written from the point of view
of someone who has a love one who is
serving our country.
Please keep them all safe!

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2 comments on “~Here~

  1. cherry rose says:

    That is beautiful and hopeful a prayer dedication for those in military but love is what keeps both existing


  2. thank you beautiful lady- those that service are always in thoughts!


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