@ShashaSelflove 2/16/16 The Dark Passenger



A few years ago, I heard the term “dark passenger” on the Dexter series. It was something that didn’t leave me, the term that is – what is it that is riding around with you? It could be a person, a trauma, an experience or a conflict. You carry everywhere you go and it is to heavy a load.

There is a passenger in the car, you know how to drive but they are the one giving you directions. You don’t really see them – their physicality isn’t there, but their presence is heavily noted. What did they give you? What did they leave you with? Like clouds in a night storm, you try to see through to the sky but you can’t – their shadow continues to cover you. You have trusted them to guide you, you had no choice. They became your eyes because you only saw them…

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