Whatever The Name

Whatever the name
black sheep, dark horse, lost cause,
worthless, forgotten, disowned, etc…

The one who isn’t perfect, never will be
won’t amount or succeed in anything.

The one they think will end up an alcoholic,
addicted to drugs and probably  will be
in trouble with the law.

I am one of those one’s
I’m not perfect, I’m just me
what I do with me and have is
none of their business, I am
responsible for me and only me.

I have an occasional drink, smoke a cig,
take prescriptions  meds for thyroid, depression,
and bi polar, someone I dearly loved who is no
longer with us was a cop so I’ve been involved
with law enforcement.

Yes I’m lonely and it sucks sometimes,
but it is what it is right now.

So call me whatever name you want
I know what my name is!

Kimber Michaela 2013

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