Shirt and Tie


He walked out of the bathroom and looked toward the bed
and frowned and said Babe you see my  shirt and tie. I leaned against
the door jamb. Maybe what does it look like he turns to me and
arch’s an eyebrow. Like what you have on, Oh I guess I should take it
off, you want to help. He walks toward me and stops at his dresser
frowns and took his phone and texted what seemed like forever and
lays it back down.

He stands with his arms folded across his bare chest and in not smiling.
I think Oh, Shit I was having some fun and now he’s pissed. I reach to unite
his tie, he walks toward me and grab’s the tie which pulls me up against

You know you wear that much better than I do and yes I will help you.
I bite my lower lip didn’t you have a meeting this morning. I told them
something came up and he grinned. I thought you had a class- nope
they cancelled I have all day.

I think to myself as he slowly undoes his tie and lets it fall to the floor.
Next come the buttons on the top of his shirt. dress up is so much  more
fun now *wink*

Kimber Michaela 2012


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