The Road


The road traveled sometimes is long and quiet,
so you have time to think and reflect on things past.
The road traveled can be lonely, but your the one pushing
forward and every step makes you stronger and a little closer.
The road traveled has stops along the way some are areas
to catch your breath and recharge.
Some roads you wish you could unpack and settle in,
but your told its not the right time and keep moving forward.
Some roads fill a place in your heart where Hug-Hug always
will be no matter the distance or time.
The road traveled is a journey of twists, turns, flat, steep
wet and dry, hot and cold and at certain moments all at the same time.
The road traveled sometimes has to be done alone, many might
not understand and will turn their backs to you as you walk away.
But whatever happens, you must hit the pavement step by step,
paw by paw.
In my case there is really 2 of us traveling,
my kindred spirit and I travel as one.
My road traveled has only just begun!

Kimber Michaela 2013

The wolf to me is my kindred spirit, reason for
my paw print tattoo and me howling at the full moon.

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