Wings as white as snow
full of magic and wonder when
they became a part of me.
Some of that has dulled and turned
grey brought on by age.
Yes, we age but not as many would think.
My wings are getting heavier and my
insertions sometime bleed.
I sit and think maybe to much at times
the burden of unknowing.
My beloved has fallen down below, but I didn’t go.
The pain in his eyes when I stayed behind
flashed before my eyes.
I feel the movement in my belly of life,
but will THEY be ready for what is to come.
Do I risk, getting word to him, for he will fight
as only a great warrior would do, for who he loves,
but as of now he has no idea of you yet.
I fear what will happen to a child created by a now fallen
angel and the only daughter of a powerful one.
You will be the light and dark that has never been.
Your father will come for you my daughter,
and I will be sacrifice to them.

Kimber Michaela 2012
I found this image on goggle, I don’t own copyright.

Its a piece that I am very proud of!

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