She dips her pen in the ink
once more, it looks as if it is black
but it is really blood  from out
of her soul.

Not everyone will understand
the words found upon these pages.

This is what writers do we
dip our pen in the ink
of our heart and emotions.

Forever etching  them on the page!

Kimber Michaela 2012

For all you writers ❤


That is how I have felt for sometime by
many close to me.

Its like I didn’t come with all the right pieces,
I was suppose to, look like, be what and do
what others think I should.

There is no recall, exchange or refund on me,
this is what you get.

I’m afraid your just going to have deal with me as I am.

Hi, My name is Kimber, its nice to meet you.

Kimber Michaela  2008

Many like my Mom didn’t understand the way I felt,
so when I wrote this piece and shared it, they still didn’t
fully understand, but I didn’t feel like I had to be someone
different a little less.



Sometimes you have to submerge
yourself no matter how deep it is
and the level will continue to rise.
Things will change and you will no longer
feel like you have to tread water
in the rive of life.
You’ve survived it on your own and
when and if you have to wade back in.
Your stronger and wiser then before.

Kimber Michaela 2013

Why Do People


Why do people not get I am who I am
I’m not a paper doll you can change
the attitude, clothing and overall look to
be like they think it should be.

You can’t wave a magic wand  and have me
have success, stability so that your not embrassed
to tell what I’ve done and still do since it doesn’t
fit into your world.

People and things can and do change, but it
works better if the person embraces it and not
have it shoved down their throats, some cases
might have to be that way, my case is not.

You use my example to show you tired
and there is just something wrong with me.

They say the mold is broken when someone is made
I never fit the mold it was different when I was created.

Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken
Let me shine in my own way, be proud of who
and what I have accomplished in my unique way.

Love me for who I am, others do!!

Kimber Michaela 2010

Kids and Adults deal with this everyday, some make headlines or
the evening new. Some the battle is fought silently. Some the
battle was too much to bear.

This for all of us ❤



Webster defines Drama as
a play for acting on a stage,
a vivid series of events,
dramatic quality

Dramatic- highly vivid or compelling

D  ifficult

R  eal

A  ctions

M  ulitple

A   ttention

Drama is what you make of it, good, bad
or in between.
Drama will always be a part of our everyday lives.
You just learn to deal with it and move on at times.

Kimber Michaela  2011



Maybe it was the intimate conversation or
the seductive looks.
Maybe it was the wine that relaxed me.
Maybe it was the rich cheesecake that
melted in my mouth.
Maybe it was I couldn’t  wait to
get to the hotel room.
I didn’t care if everyone saw me.
I crawled across the table.
I just had to taste you.
Maybe it was me being lonely
Maybe I should have asked your date
if she minded if I did this???
You didn’t seem to!!!

Kimber Michaela  2010

This took another direction all together.

She reminds me of Sandra Bullock.