Lost Wings


I’ve lost my wings.

I can’t get home.

Someone drew these on the cold concrete.

Hoping they would help me on my journey.

My wings were never this nice and strong.

They were battered and torn as I was

beforeĀ  I was thrown .

Kimber Michaela 2011


Sitting watching what have been
disappearing from my sight.
Wondering where I am heading
back to, is still so right.

My mind is full of images
of things left undone.

My heart and soul are
still where I had been
because it felt like
I was HOME!

Kimber Michaela 2011




What have you to say.
I stand here alone
no one around to hear.

My child the mirror speaks
I know what you search for?
Many have come before you I must say.
But you have power those did not.

You need to look deep within
to find what you long for of
who you see in this reflection.

Go my granddaughter- you will not
suffer the same fate your mother did.

Kimber Michaela 2012