He walks

He walks out of the darkness
it looks as if it parts to let him
through then closes back again.

No sound as he
walks toward my directions.
Danger rolls off of him in waves.

His eyes deep blue, the
kind you can get lost in- but
now they are black as the night.

I know I should turn and run but
my feet are cemented to the floor.
And truth be told doing what I was
suppose to do has never one of my strong suits.

I could never out run and that is what
a predator wants to have the thrill of
the chase.

So I stand my ground, straighten my shoulders
and look him right in the eye, actually I
have to look up a foot or so. I’m not very tall.

He stops 5 feet in front of me, all I can hear is
my heart pounding. Here goes nothing.
I put my hands on my hips and  say well?

He is like s statue, then he raises an eyebrow
and says I can see your going to be trouble.
I smirk I could say the same of you.
He smiles showing very sharp canines
and says sweetheart you have no idea and
and I never saw him move till he was towering
over me and gleam in his eyes.


Kimber Michaela 2016

This was kind of an exchange between characters
in a piece?

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