I Rise

I rise from tangled sheets and walk toward the full length mirror.
My naked body is bathed in the moonlight.
I feel a pull on my left shoulder blade, I
turn the starting of a wing seems to come to life.
I feel something running down my thigh I look
and see drops of blood on the concrete floor.
I look again and the blood is coming from where
my wing connects to my back.
I hear a noise out side my window, which is strange
since I live on the third floor of a remodeled warehouse.
I pull them back and shadow with wings black as night,
come into view.
I blink and I’m sitting at my table pen in hand.
The words on the page read my wings take flight
in the darkest of the night.
I may have only one wing, but I’m an imperfect angel,
with a story to tell, that will light up the night sky.

Kimber Michaela 2015

I honestly want one angel wing, on my left shoulder blade,
but the detail I want would be a lot of uncomfortable pain and hard to reach.
But I guess I could make a deal can you come over wash my back and put A & D
on my back, thanks I’ll call you when I need it again, that would be
a whole new version of friends with benefits.- lol

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