Never Saying Goodbye

A sticky note on the refrigerator, a message
left on an answering machine, voice mail ,
email, etc…that is how we communicate in this
fast paced world.
Always thinking that there will be time for telling of
loving thoughts, and how much you appreciate others
and what they have done.

But there isn’t always time when life is cut short,
people taken from us all to soon. Some of their
own doing, to escape.

So while your here tell the family how much,
you love , hold and hug them tight.
Tell co-workers and friends just how much,
they mean to you right now.

Make sure you have no regrets because you

This was written after 9/11 attack .
But given the turn of events that have happened
over the last years.

I deceived I needed to post this on my blog.

Kimber Michaela 2011/2019


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