What are you?

Your a friend, a confidant
some one to trust that is what you tell me.
Then why do I have wounds on
my back from a sharp knife
you hold in your hands.

There is no where to hide, who is
gonna care is evident with this situation.

You have moved the first piece of the game
I am tougher then you think.
You had missed noticing the scars
that had been there already
from others before.

Friend or Foe
how that changes when your knife
is sticking in your own back
blood dipping on the floor..

My hands are clean.

Those before me, have gotten tried of
your game, they won’t take the shit anymore.


Kimber Michaela 2017

This is fictional, no knife has been stabbed
but the intense meaning, and I feel like the scars are real.
The phrase let it roll off your back, enough moments
happen it no longer can.
It now seems to be the normal, sadly I
don’t have a knife in my hands. I still
care is it smart and stupid, I guess we will see.

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