Wow- tell about me in a few words- those that know me, say that isn’t POSSIBLE- I tend to be a chatter box. Hey maybe that is why I write- well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it *smirking*

I have been putting words on paper for years.  No one knew I wrote, Mom always wonder why I went through so much notebook papers?  I was expressing my thoughts and emotions , not what some would call poetry.  I found a Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Book and that is what I was writing.

Words come easy at times, others you wonder if they will again- My WORDS STOPPED  it SCARED the HELL out of Me. I was diagnosed as being Bi Polar right at this time. Some might say why did I even mentioned this well its a part of ME. And I have never shy away with explaining me, I tend to be an open book ( no pun intended) it also explains some of what I wrote and you might read here. yes the WORDS came back. And I thank God everyday for that gift.

The blog was started to share my work I’m very proud of, with family, friends, co- workers and customers not on social media-yes their are some that don’t par take. And we all know how social media can get at times.. Some were SHE WRITES!  There could  be lapses in posting, you know how Life can be, its INTENSE But I’ve still put words downs, some bits , some whole pieces. So there is no shortage on material so be warned early * laughing out loud*

This blog  contains what I call My Ink from past to present, it is randomly posted at times so look at the year it was written at the bottom of the post. It might not be the way my life is going at the present moment so don’t freak out and think something needs to be done at what you are reading. It has happened so that is why I mentioned it.

I write with a lot of visual at times, I don’t claim copyright on any of the images they were found via search engines. They help me convey an emotion, thoughts  or just inspire me. It  can be light and dark (some say that is some of my best),  passionate or sappy sweet, childish and the list goes on. I’m ever changing and as is my writing. Its like opening a vein and spilling on the pages it can be that raw.
I do have a separate section set for anything erotic, so that no one would possibly be offended.

You could also find quotes, inspiration, music videos,  Or whatever else My Muse might come up with  hence the name of the blog and she runs AMUCK at times, so I welcome you along on my journey.

I appreciate any feedback on my work, I can only grow as a writer.

I’m not FB right now, you sometimes have to step away for yourself.  I’ve done some unplugging also. I’ve taken the time to work on my WIP, writing  and read, we can all use that escape now and then.
Stop by the message board to say Hi!

Thank you for stopping by even its it only for a visit. I know how busy everyone is in this fast paced life.

*tapping the screen you guys still there* My sense of humor has gotten kind of warped as I have gotten older that’s my story and I’m sticking to you  =)


(c) Kimber Michaela

All poetry and writing are copyright protected by
International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal.
All Rights Reserved (c)


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