Lust of 2 Halves

They had his restrained like an animal
he couldn’t really blame them.

He knew it killed his friends
who watched on the  video feed.
His rage was so unpredictable, he was normal
one second, then it was as if a switch had been flipped.

Every since that night his whole world had been turned upside down.
But meeting her was the most important thing
that had ever happened.
She was what gave him and the beast balance.

They both needed to feel, touch and taste her
where only their tongues knew how to
make her scream and ride the wave ecstasy.

They then needed to be buried deep inside her
releasing their seed.
It was a threesome with only 2 people physically present.

He knew she was looking for him, he felt it
in his mind, because she needed the dark
to make complete.

She would take him away from this
cold concrete cell that had been their home.
He and the beast loved her, she was theirs

They would destroy anything or anyone that tried
to take away what was theirs.

That is what a mate did
Whether they are animal or human.

Kimber Michaela 2009