I stood

girl by window66870_145549502162156_6563453_n
I stood leaning against the windowsill.
My workshirt the only thing still on.
Worked seemed like a blur, no one knew
what to say to me, hell I wouldn’t know
what to say to me for that matter.

Things were going so well, a promotion
a new place, our careers taking off,
we were so happy and in love but
now I guess we really weren’t.

I stand leaning against the windowsill
knowing your not coming back to this
home anymore.

Kimber Michaela 2010

Getting It

If you get it
that means you realized, understand and
see the whole picture and this is great.

If you don’t get it, YET
there is still time to open
your mind to what is going on.

If you won’t even try as so
many do, you will have missed
out on something very special and
might have made your life richer.

Kimber Michaela 2009

Words from 2009

Searching through the darkness
feeling my way.
I touch rocks, some rough, jagged,
cold and damp under my fingertips.

There is silence except for my own
breathing and beating of my heart.

I see nothing, I stumble and fall
get back up feeling sorer and bruised.
I continue trying to find my way out.

I am frighten and panic the darkness
will engulf me.
Until I am no more.

KimberĀ  Michaela 2009

He claims

He claims me
but its not like he owns me
He possess me
but I am still free to be me
He loves me
and would move heaven and earth
if need be
He is mine and I am his
the world is better because
he completes me!

Kimber Michaela 2010