Trick or Treat


Tonight is month end at work, so
that means a late night to get
everything done.

Friday is inventory  <shudders> and will probably
still be doing on Saturday.

How sad is it that you are actually looking
forward to Monday the 6th.

Hope you have a safe evening!

KM 2017

PS I like Sweet Tarts, and Dark Chocolate <winking>

Rest Little Angel


Rest Little Angel
The demons and predators were
waging chaos full force trying
to catch us off guard by joining forces tonight.

But they showed us a weakness that
we’ll use to our advantage the next time.
You had to draw blood tonight that scars
your soul for some time or always in some cases.
I know this literally!

Rest Little Angel
The battle will soon start again!

Kimber Michaela 2011

#58. Low Self-esteem? Meet Yourself.

Great advise!! I can so relate, I tired to be what those around me wanted me to be. I didn’t want to embarrass family more, that I wasn’t successful, looked liked those they compared me too. I also wanted them to see how very important my writing was to my soul. Maybe I would’t be the next JD Robb, but I going to be the best damn ME I can!
I still struggle with self-esteem, but the climb is a little less
defeating with every step.

You look at me


You look at me and
wonder what I’m trying to be ?
Is it a photo shot for an Ad or Magazine!
The reality is I’m just being me,
no gimmick or imitation!
I look at you and
wonder who you’re try to imitate?

Kimber Michaela  2011

I don’t know( warned a bit dark)


I don’t know what I have left to give
I have taken the source of her power
its here in my hand.

Everyone I’ve loved is gone, you’ve taken all of them,
you no longer have that power.
My bidding for you is done.
You think you have won.

The power is not in the object
but in the heart and soul.
So take me so I can be at peace
and hope to be forgiven by the others.

But know what you took from all of us
and how you did it will come back to you
3 fold and it will not be pretty.

In the end the power will always be OURS!

Kimber Michaela 2010

Luis Royo work is dark and amazing.
I have several of his books and used many of
his images in my writing.