Days, Months and Years!

Span between our last glance
but time doesn’t change something’s-
we felt when we stared into those
eyes for the first time-
and knew our life would
never be the same.
This is written as looking in
the eyes of a child.
I know I felt that when I looked at mine
for the first and last time!
If you have children, love them
they are precious gifts!

Kimber Michaela 2012
my only child was given up for adoption
some of that spills in this.

We Were Kids

We were kids
we did crazy things
some family and friends
didn’t know about *raising hand-lol*
We are older and wiser now
but we still do crazy things,
some family and friends
don’t know about *hand held high- why break a trend-seriously*

Passion, Mischief, Experiences
no one can take away from you
no matter how old you are!

And that smile of memories never fades away.

Kimber Michaela 2012