The Key


Here is the key to my heart
as I place it in your hand.
I don’t give it to just anyone.
It should always be given with love and care.
If you no longer want it, please give it
back to me, someone threw it
away many years ago.
Here is the key to my heart,
please don’t let it go cold
in your hands..

Kimber Michaela 2012

Getting It

If you get it
that means you realize, understand
and see the whole picture and that is great!

If you don’t get it, YET
there is still time to open
your mind to what is going on?

If you don’t even TRY as so many
do, you will have missed out
on something that has so much
meaning it could change your life.

You can’t get it, if its already GONE!!!!

Kimber Michaela 2008

A Writer


can make the reader and themselves
think, understand, not feel alone on an island
with the sharks circling.
be a comforting friend, listening when they
ramble to the thin air, help deal with
the cuts and bruises and wipe the tears away.

help pick up the pieces when things stray
one more.
make then feel and experience true love
and passion even thou it might
be missing in their lives.

A writer remembers LIFE
whether truth or fiction

Kimber Michaela 2011

The Mug


I hold this mug in
my cold hands.
I take a sip and wait
for the warmth to enter my veins.
I set it back down and look up
at snowflakes dancing across
the window panes.
I absently run my finger over the handle
down the curve and back up where it
meets the side of the cup.
I’m lost in my thoughts, but look
down and realize the cup is me.
I hold part of your heart in my hand
and you hold the other part of mine.

Kimber Michaela 2012


Words say it all

D  eath
E motions
P  ressure
R  estlessness
E   mptiness
S   adness
S   uicide
I   solation
O  ne
N  othing

Kimber Michaela 2006

I unearthed this from a pile

I had a meltdown in late 2005
I was not in the best of places,
this was what spilled on the pages.




Well, Well Look At You!
Just Standing There!
Yes I Am Talking To You?
Am I Not What You Expected?
My Wrappings Appear To Fancy!
But You Said That I Was Rather Fine!
When You Purchased Me Online!!

Mail order brides aren’t what they used to be?

Kimber Michaela 2011



Don’t Look
Keep Your Eyes Closed
Don’t Look
It Might Go Away
Don’t Look
Not Even A Crack
You Looked
Now It Won’t Let You Get Away
Don’t Look Again

Kimber Michaela 2011