Mirror– Mirror


Mirror– Mirror
What have you to say.
I stand here alone
no one around to hear.
My Child the mirror speaks
I know what you search for?
Many have come before you I must say.
But you have the power those did not.

You need to look deep for
what you long for is within
who you see in this reflection.

Go my granddaughter- you will not
suffer as your mother already did.

Kimber Michaela 2012





Maybe it was the intimate conversation or
the seductive looks.
Maybe it was the wine that relaxed me.
Maybe it was the rich cheesecake that
melted in my mouth.
Maybe it was I couldn’t wait to
get to the hotel room.
I didn’t care if everyone saw me.
I crawled across the table.
I just had to taste you.
Maybe it was me being lonely.
Maybe I should have asked your date
if she minded if I did this???
You didn’t seem to!!!!

Kimber Michaela 2010

She reminds me of Sandra Bullock



hear my cries
as I send out the message
this night.

The Ravens will take it
with them when they
soar in flight.

the moon is my witness
on this troubled night.

Kimber Michaela 2014

Lost Wings


I’ve lost my wings.

I can’t get home.

Someone drew these on the cold concrete.

Hoping they would be of help
to me on my journey.

My wings were never
this nice and strong.

They were battered and torn
as I was before I was gone!

Kimber Michaela 2011

Trick or Treat


Tonight is month end at work, so
that means a late night to get
everything done.

Friday is inventory  <shudders> and will probably
still be doing on Saturday.

How sad is it that you are actually looking
forward to Monday the 6th.

Hope you have a safe evening!

KM 2017

PS I like Sweet Tarts, and Dark Chocolate <winking>

Rest Little Angel


Rest Little Angel
The demons and predators were
waging chaos full force trying
to catch us off guard by joining forces tonight.

But they showed us a weakness that
we’ll use to our advantage the next time.
You had to draw blood tonight that scars
your soul for some time or always in some cases.
I know this literally!

Rest Little Angel
The battle will soon start again!

Kimber Michaela 2011