Words are Where

I find my
I find pain
the unknown.

They are where I find
endless limits

If those find
understanding of what is different,
and my words give understanding,
comfort and know they are not alone.

Then my words will be found once again.

Kimber Michaela 2018



His hold in slipping, the anchor tied
to my heart is weighing me down more.
I fear I will drag him under, so I let
my fingers slip from his grip, our
fingertips touch for the last time.
He fades away from the light,till
darkness is all there is.
The anchor weighing me down comes loose
it sinks deeper in the abyss.
I kick to the surface with all that I have.
As I take a breath, I see the boat is gone and so is he.
So now I’m …

Kimber Michaela 2018

How I spent my evening!


I have been a bit of a rebel, the last few weeks.

I got tired of looking like a Q-tip- let me explain I have colored
my hair since I was 16 when grey hair started to creep in, and
we don’t need to do the math that has been a number of years-lol
So I went natural, that did take some getting used to.
I still had a hard time with the grey/white so I did lavender
wash and tint shampoo, it worked great but started to dry my hair out,
so back to grey/white I went. hence the Q-tip comment.
During a company function I stood out like s sore thumb as the saying goes
so 2 weeks ago I went to a light denim blue. Which I love!!!

As you can see my rebel roll has keeping going, so I got my 4th Friday evening.
As you know my rambling muse is the title of this blog. I like purple
in fact that is the only color pen I use at work, so I had her do it in purple.

I already know what my next will be and it has to do with writing.
The reason for my new found attitude, is knowing that people think
I kick ass and I’m worthy to let myself go and fly. Life is to short!!

So here’s to be unique. Have a great one!

Kimber Michael 2018



Nothing but a pane of glass
separates you and me.
Do I write a message for
all the world to see.
A simple heart will do.
Showing the overflowing of all that
I gave to you.
When the last words are said.
You will have a lifetime to think of
all those hearts you ripped apart.
I look there is nothing but blank glass.
Doctor are you ready!
You are my victim now!!

Kimber Michaela 2018

Out Run The Storm

Thunderstorm and lightnings in night over a lake with reflaction

Emotions start as a light mist, then they
turn into a full- fledge downpour
you can’t even see through.
Thunder rumbles like the
beat in my chest.
Lightning crackles and zip- zags across the sky
not knowing where to start or end.
I try to get out of the way, but
it comes on to quickly.
So I brace myself and hold on with
everything I have, I surviveĀ  this one.
But the storm of relationships, you
can’t always out run.
Some seek shelter, and some hold on
and ride it where ever it goes.

Kimber Michaela 2018