Hidden from the pain

Hidden from the past

Hidden from the lies

Hidden from the truth

It really never  stays that way.

The word hidden is a double edged sword.

No matter how far or how much weight to keep
it buried.

It rises to the surface at the very end.

Kimber Michaela 2017



Time has stood still for so long.
My chest is empty no air in my lungs.
My heart no longer beats.
My face long covered I don’t see or hear.
All the same my claws grip firmly what was.
Time has stopped, but I stand ready.
If the second hand moves again.

Kimber Michaela
Christmas Eve 2018

I have wanted to write a piece for this picture
for a very long time.
I’m to said I think it was worth the wait.

Words are where

I find my

I find

There are where I find
imagination with endless boundaries
understanding of what is different.

If my words give comfort and
know they are not alone.

My words
I find them once more!

Kimber Michaela 2018

Never Saying Goodbye

A sticky note on the refrigerator, a message
left on an answering machine, voice mail ,
email, etc…that is how we communicate in this
fast paced world.
Always thinking that there will be time for telling of
loving thoughts, and how much you appreciate others
and what they have done.

But there isn’t always time when life is cut short,
people taken from us all to soon. Some of their
own doing, to escape.

So while your here tell the family how much,
you love , hold and hug them tight.
Tell co-workers and friends just how much,
they mean to you right now.

Make sure you have no regrets because you

This was written after 9/11 attack .
But given the turn of events that have happened
over the last years.

I deceived I needed to post this on my blog.

Kimber Michaela 2011/2019



Webster defines it as
a play for acting on a stage,
a vivid series of events,
a dramatic quality.

Dramatic meaning highly vivid or compelling

D   iffucult

R   eal

A   ctions

M   ultiple

A   ttention

Drama is what you make of it, whether
good, bad or in between.
Drama will always be a part of our everyday lives.
They say the world is a stage and
we are the actors.

Kimber Michaela 2009


Being Away!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Valentines Day!!
Shit, I’ve missed all kinds of well wishes, events to All.
I apologize to Everyone!

While I was away I’ve gone down 2 jean sizes *yeah me*
by the end of last year!!

What did I do, well having 5 teeth pulled on the bottom
all at the same time, makes your eating menu a bit spare.
eat on the through it. I have an out not fear of the dentist.

The other thing is Stress its a wonderful motivator!
The last 4-5 months of 2018  was a Cluster  F of so many things!!
My bi-polar doctor quit practicing abruptly, due to health reasons.
She had looked very tired the last year, but she was devoted to us
her patients, and pushed until she couldn’t. I have been with her for
11 years. Finding someone who took new patients and panic about
getting meds to hold me till I found another. I tell you this because
some of what I have written was during this time, it explains.

But the major thing, is that I am a leaper before I look! Run with my
heart and my brain runs to catch up and nine times out of ten. It
doesn’t get their in time but before crap happens. I’ve done it
more things then I care of count over the years.
I miss read a situation,that caused a long list of chaos.
When your in the middle of all of it, you can’t see all.


Their not around, but seeing what was going on. Still is a bit
raw, some of my writing during the last of the year is the
emotions spilling on the page.  Writing is therapy for me
it always has been.

So 2019 has started out bumpy, with my job and getting through
what dragged me down those last months. So I’m working to it being better.



So well see how it all goes.

Kimber Michaela 2019