You can

You can never truly put life back together
as you know it.
In the seconds on a clock, everything changed.
Not just in your life, but all those involved.
Time heals to a point.
The scars never go totally away.
They might fade or be covered up.
But the memories of the pain remain.

Kimber Michaela 2013

You came

You came along when I felt life
had dealt me a bad hand.
You then made a life full of aces.

Kimber Michaela 1990
It was true then and it is majorly true now. 2018

This is one of many I have in black spirals.
I will try to share more of these.

The Lesson

How many times will I have it happen
to me where I get knocked down
by the same enemy again and again.

Only to say I won’t have that happen to me
but here I sit feeling like someone has
torn my to pieces.

They must enjoy seeing me bleed and suffer.
I really think they get off to it. How sick is that.
I have to finally learn the lesson  before
its to late for me.
If those that hurt me have to deal with the
same pain then so be it.

I don’t make the rules anymore.

Kimber Michaela 2016


Raindrops hit the metal patio cover
first slow, then  so fast
it sounds as if marbles are being dumped
from a jar.
Slows and then nothing at all.

Another wave gains strength as the storm
moves forward again.

Just as my emotions start with a tear
running down my cheek, then a rush
like a river while my heartbeats as the thunder.

A moments pause it seems to be, until the
wave of heartache rolls through again.

Kimber Michaela 2009

Looking in the Mirror

maxresdefault 2

Looking in the mirror
I see a stranger staring
back at me.

The person looks like someone I
thought I once knew.

A ghost of the past or future.
An ending that only the powers
to be know for sure.

They are judge, jury and executioner.

Kimber Michaela 2009