She couldn’t tell her own story.
Well it was more like she wouldn’t.
She felt broken and the scars wouldn’t
let her forget every time she look into the mirror.
So she didn’t, she had gotten good at not using one.
She told the stories of others fragments of lives.
Conversation, glimpses into their souls.
But she never became close to them.
She changed names and places.
They always had a start, middle.
They always had a happy ever after.
Because in her life she never would.
That is how her story goes!

Kimber Michaela 2016





My feet can’t touch the bottom.
I’m working so hard to keep my head up.
Those that had my back for so many years.
Let me rephrase that –those that I thought
cared- have left me all alone in the sea.
My arms are getting tired and just
when I think I will give into the deep.
A calm washes over me.
As the waves lap over my toes where
I’m sitting in the sand.
I look out from my chair into the deep
that almost claimed me.

Kimber Michaela 2017

Monday Quotes 6/25/18


How is this the last Monday of June???????

Half the year is over, weren’t we just blowing party horns
and saying Happy 2018!!!

Time goes by much quicker then we realize.

Keep dreaming .
Keep loving and caring.
Keep being you.
Keep living.
Keep creating.

Add another keep to my list if you wish!
Just make it count!!!

Happy Monday!

Have a great day =)


Lost in a place

I haven’t been in thisĀ  in quiet a while.
Its almost like visiting an old friend.
Thou this time I can’t find my demons and their’s.
They know they have the advantage,
part of my armor is gone.
So is part of my heart and soul,
because I know that your gone.

Kimber Michaela 2016