You are

You are
what I bleed on to the pages.
You are
what I feel in my heart.
You are
the strength that flows through my veins.
You are
the passion of everlasting love.
You are
the hope of dreams to come.
You are…
You are…

Kimber Michaela 2013


no one is perfect
we all have our flaws
things were proud of
and things that we are not
we have things we carry
and things we would like
to forget.

sometimes we hide our hearts
sometimes we tattoo them on our sleeves
words don’t always touch us
but some make us bleed.

no one is perfect
I know that is true
I am not perfect

do you still love me too?

Kimber Michaela 2012


i wait37315_104814232902350_6515832_n

I’m sitting here waiting, hoping I will not
be needed this time.
I am the guardian angel of those who
can’t defend themselves.
Some are too little to comprehend
what is happening to them.
Others don’t understand if they love them
why are they trying to hurt them.
A lot don’t know other than the
pain driven into them over and over again.
I understand all of it to well, because I was
in their place, that is why I am their guardian angel now.
How I hope I can just sit here tonight,
no cries, no screams, no bruises and no blood.
For now I sit here and wait!

This can be all types of abuse
but whatever it is, the bottom line is WRONG!

Kimber Michaela 2010



Is that what I am to you she screamed.

Just something that can be tossed
away without a second glance.
You told me that I was something
to be cherished.

Was that so you could get what you wanted.

This nothing won’t be bothering
you anymore, she says calmly
as she puts the bloody knife
on the table.

Now you are nothing!

Kimber Michaela 2010