How I spent my evening!


I have been a bit of a rebel, the last few weeks.

I got tired of looking like a Q-tip- let me explain I have colored
my hair since I was 16 when grey hair started to creep in, and
we don’t need to do the math that has been a number of years-lol
So I went natural, that did take some getting used to.
I still had a hard time with the grey/white so I did lavender
wash and tint shampoo, it worked great but started to dry my hair out,
so back to grey/white I went. hence the Q-tip comment.
During a company function I stood out like s sore thumb as the saying goes
so 2 weeks ago I went to a light denim blue. Which I love!!!

As you can see my rebel roll has keeping going, so I got my 4th Friday evening.
As you know my rambling muse is the title of this blog. I like purple
in fact that is the only color pen I use at work, so I had her do it in purple.

I already know what my next will be and it has to do with writing.
The reason for my new found attitude, is knowing that people think
I kick ass and I’m worthy to let myself go and fly. Life is to short!!

So here’s to be unique. Have a great one!

© 2018 Kimber Michaela

My Story


My Story
words on a page
raw emotions, mixed with blood and tears.

A timeline of events
starting small, peaking then crashing
down in the darkness within
the confusion, chaos and pain.

My story is ever changing as is the timeline
of moments starts once more.
I’m a work in progress.

Some pages are torn out, and lay crumpled
on the floor, some crossed through
and some stay intact.
Some are finished and some are just pieces.
They could find themselves on this page,
or stay in the pages of many spirals.

My Story continues, I hope you come with
me and see where it goes.

© 2015 Kimber Michaela

I’m bi-polar and in 2015 I had a manic
roll a coaster ride of everything I was dealing
with and wasn’t. I  had  a wonderful doctor,
who rode that ride with me.
Sadly, she is no longer in practicing.

So, I’m off to see a new doctor in a month,
and my story will continue.


Feeling as if I am lost drifting
in an ocean of darkness.
When I think I’m going the right way
the current suddenly spins and I’m
off in a another.
My life boat takes on water
and I feel unbalance, but then it
empties out the without me trying.
I am level once again.
I’m looking for the light to lead the way.
For now the silvery moon is the only
obstacle in my way.

© 2009 Kimber Michaela

Hide & Seek

A game played as kids.
As we grow older
hide and seek takes on a new meaning.
Especially when its related to relationships.
Sometimes hiding from the seeker is a
form of survival for you and others.
Sometimes we hide so someone will
come and find, and tag us.
Sometimes we close our eyes and count
we reopen and search to find everyone
but they have left us alone.

Hide and seek is no more when its just one.

© 2017 Kimber Michaela

The Past


The past becomes a slideshow in our minds.
We can pause and relive that moment or
just slowly let that memory slide by.

The past is a journal where the ink has faded, and
the paper has yellowed, but we pick it up and the ink
is once more fresh as it was when the words spilled
onto the pages.

Every new day, adds another moment to the
slideshow of our lives.

© 2017 Kimber Michaela


I feel I know a major part of him.
The more we talk the more intrigued I become.
I want to know as much as he will share.
He’s usually private with his life, both work and personal
but I  know things his friends and family do not.
Its nice he trusts me, he knows I won’t share.
He means alot to me, but he will always
only be a friend.
Thou I wish differently, we are
to different to be more than that.

© 2009 Kimber Michaela