The past

The past becomes a slideshow in our minds.

We can pause and relive that moment.

Or slowly let it run through our heart again.

The past is a journal where the ink
has faded and the paper has yellowed.

But we can pick them up and re read
as the ink becomes new once more.

Every new day, adds another moment
to the slideshow of our lives.

2013 Kimber Michaela

She closed her eyes

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath
let it out and took in another and let it out.
As she did this, she let her mind open doing
the same as the breaths.
She opened her eyes and things seemed to be
more clearer, in how she saw everything
around her and thoughts running through her mind.
How simple but complicated to be able
to take a deep breath and let go of what had
been weighing you down for so long.
What you let go in those breaths was now
scattered in the wind like others have done.

So breath in and out!

2013 Kimber Michaela



Normal stoves usually has 4
1 large and 3 small.
the large usually does the heart of
the meal, making sure the foundation is covered.
the other 3 can be used as things are added to the
main item or not all.
The burners can be looked on as Life.
The large one holds what you are made up of,
something’s have burned, evaporated away.

The others hold what is added
as you move a head in life.
One of my burners sits with an empty pot,
its not on because nothing is cooking, it might
sit empty for a while-while I work on stuff in
my larger burner.

The other 3 might sit idle for a time, but that’s
ok- I’m taking care of the heart of what is cooking
on the larger burner and that is ME!

When things  will added the others will come to life.

For now I have enough to handle stirring and
keeping things from not boiling over in
this larger burner pot called LIFE.

2015 Kimber Michaela

I miss

I miss the way you
whisper my name in my ear
as we lay in the dark.

I miss your fingers
tracing along every inch of my skin.

I miss the way you light up the fire
burning deep inside me.

I miss the taste of you on my lips.

I miss you and wonder why so many
years have kept us apart.

2013 Kimber Michaela

Hide and Seek

a   game played as kids
as we grow older
hide and seek takes on a new meaning
especially when its related to relationships
sometimes hiding from the seeker is
a form of survival for you and others
sometimes we hide so someone will come
find and tag us
sometimes we close our eyes and
when we opened them to search we find  out
everyone has left us alone and
hide and seek is no more
much as a lot of relationships do.

2012  Kimber Michaela