The Shoes


Most would wonder why there so special.
If you have walked in who owns them.
They have seen sadness  that cut so deep
the scars may never heal.
They have seen happiness that was surely
God pouring his love in their hearts.
They have seen the confusion of what is right,
wrong and things missing.
They have seen death, fitting if that would
seem normal in the circumstances.
But some death of senseless heartaches,
only the higher powers know why.
At the end of the day, they’re put in the box
closing the day done.
In the morning, they’re put on again.
So she can stand and fight for justice once more.

Kimber Michaela 2016

Puzzle Undone


Pieces fit together to form things.
Each piece appears different but the same.
Just like pieces of person fit together
to make whom they are.
But sometime, pieces become lost,
destroyed or just tossed away as if they were nothing.
We try as much as we can, but the puzzle of
the soul is left undone once again.

Kimber Michaela 2017

The Perfect of Imperfect

So many want to tell you what is wrong with something
that was created.

The notes were flat, the painting isn’t finished- right?
Your writing needs work- maybe you should keep
your day job and just give up!

Nothing is perfect all the time.

You can be imperfect because you took a chance
and let your creativity soar if only for yourself.

So imperfect is just perfect at times.

Kimber Michaela 2016

They don’t

They don’t believe that you are real.

They think I made you up since
I can’t share pictures and information
about you.

I tell them is a casualty of the job.

They turn and laugh and say I’m pathetic
to have to lie about someone being in their lives.

I would love to walk up and scream of
the pride and strength you show everyday.

Making sure we can take a breath another day.

But I am one of many who’s loved ones
have to live in the shadows to survive.

Kimber Michaela 2016

How Many ?


have I written  to crumble them up
and add to the others covering the floor beneath me.

These words are to important  that my hand shakes
as I try to get it all down.

This will be the last time I write to you- it is time
to set you free and finally take the chains off me.

Kimber Michaela 2016

He walks

He walks out of the darkness
it looks as if it parts to let him
through then closes back again.

No sound as he
walks toward my directions.
Danger rolls off of him in waves.

His eyes deep blue, the
kind you can get lost in- but
now they are black as the night.

I know I should turn and run but
my feet are cemented to the floor.
And truth be told doing what I was
suppose to do has never one of my strong suits.

I could never out run and that is what
a predator wants to have the thrill of
the chase.

So I stand my ground, straighten my shoulders
and look him right in the eye, actually I
have to look up a foot or so. I’m not very tall.

He stops 5 feet in front of me, all I can hear is
my heart pounding. Here goes nothing.
I put my hands on my hips and  say well?

He is like s statue, then he raises an eyebrow
and says I can see your going to be trouble.
I smirk I could say the same of you.
He smiles showing very sharp canines
and says sweetheart you have no idea and
and I never saw him move till he was towering
over me and gleam in his eyes.


Kimber Michaela 2016

This was kind of an exchange between characters
in a piece?

What happens

What happens when the enemy surrounds you
and its moving forward to suffocate the very breath
you are trying to voice and survive.

You didn’t start the battle- you are a causality
of the fall out.

They the enemy makes themselves as the victims.

Wrongs or Wrongs- but stones were cast by both sides.

They are not all innocent, as they make everyone think.

But the truth will come, the lies will be righted.

The enemy surrounding you will be
the ones who now answer  the jury of the crimes.

Kimber Michaela 2016

Changing Rules


It was this way, then in the middle
you change the rules for your own gain.

Just make sure you have a copy
of that rule book this time.

It will be the only backup when you take aim.

Because I have changed the rules and
your longer in control.

Kimber Michaela 2016


The Gutted Spirit


Everything looks so perfect
undisturbed on the outside.

But if you venture into the inner layers.

There are parts bare, fragile and will
disintegrate at a  moments touch.

What we see on the outside,
sometimes gives us no clue
to what lies within the fight we have.

Kimber Michaela 2016


That Moment


I’m sitting at the kitchen table paperwork
scattered in chaos across the surface.
I see you pass out of the corner of my eye.
I hear the frig door and close behind me.
I then hear something like a shake rattle and slurp.
I turn around a can of Redi Whip rests in your palm.
I arch an eyebrow at you , then the can.
You have a puzzle look  and say what?
I put down my pen, get up and walk toward you
grab the can, take your hand and say Let’s Go!!
A girl deserves a break now and then
we work to hard at times.

Kimber Michaela 2016