She is a warrior
she wears her scars and victories
proudly from head to toe.
She maybe female and appear
fragile at times, but don’t let
that deceive you.

She will fight until the end of time.
Her cause might confuse you, but
it is etched forever in her heart.

She is a warrior, survivor and that
is what she will always be.

Kimber Michaela 2014
Luis Royo work is sensual and powerful.
I have several of his books and have used
his art in many of my writes.

I reach

I reach and touch your face
and caress it with the side of my hand
it glides over your beard
its rough to the touch.

But I like that roughness, they make
certain men sexy and an air of danger
you look at me and roll your eyes.

But its a major turn on for me and
your all for that.

I pull my hand away and step back
so I can stand on my tippy toes and
put my arms around your neck, being
short is a major disadvantage at times.

I look deep into your eyes I am lost in them.

When my eyes open again, my hands are
flat against the shower wall, I rest my forehead
against the cold tile. Your not here.

I sigh, I found my lost again and again
as I reach.

Kimber Michaela 2016

Old and Tattered


What a waste!

To some its just and old building
in desperate need of repair.

I see an old soul
who has weathered whatever
was thrown its way.

Hope, promises, love and grief
has passed through the building
down that aisle and have made it
to the other side.

This will be a place of peace, love
hope once again.

This is the house of memories
to all that have passed through.

Kimber Michaela 2014

I always thought it would be cool to
turn an old building into a loft. Taking something
old and tattered and bring it back to life.