she sits in the shadows
cig in her hand.
she sits in the shadows
nothing against her skin.
she sits in the shadows
wondering what words to say.
she sits in the shadows
wanting to take the pain  away.
she sits in the shadows
the light now fading from her back.
she sits in the shadows
and waits….

Kimber Michaela 2012



She is a warrior
she wears her scars and victories
proudly from head to toe.
She maybe female and appear
fragile at times, but don’t let
that deceive you.

She will fight until the end of time.
Her cause might confuse you, but
it is etched forever in her heart.

She is a warrior, survivor and that
is what she will always be.

Kimber Michaela 2014
Luis Royo work is sensual and powerful.
I have several of his books and have used
his art in many of my writes.

The Back (aggressive warning)


Wait here, let me move a little
so you can stick the knife
deeper in my back.
Its in a different spot
guess I didn’t bleed enough
those times before.
Those rubber gloves hide the
fingerprints, we wouldn’t want
you singled out,  since your
not the only one.
People wonder why things don’t roll off
my back anymore.
I still have skin untouched
so I know the blood will run once more.

Kimber Michaela  2011/2014

(backstabbers there just…
some names are new, some never change)

Finding The Voice


Finding the voice
not the person down the street,
the person in the next cubicle.

Finding your own voice.
Its there, always has been.
Maybe you’ve used it some.

Most times people have an influence on it,
some good, a lot of negative.

You open your mouth but its someone else’s
words, feelings and opinions.

People tell you to be you, but every time
you try- someones sewn it shut again.

Your voice does matter, along with your feelings
and who you really are.
So grab those scissors and lets cut the
thread once and for all.
Fin your voice again.

Kimber Michaela 2011