One week.

From a very gifted writer. This piece many will understand and relate to I know I truly do!

Of life she writes.

A week of contemplation.

A week of no inscription, description.



My pen started writing and my hand crumpled the paper and threw it away.


The words on the paper didn’t match the words in my heart and the paper didn’t look nice sitting on my desk.

It was an empty cup of coffee that I’d forgotten to throw out.

That sandwich I forgot at the office on Friday afternoon to find moldy Monday morning.

It was trash.

I was asked why the sudden change.

Why my once happy and positive writing turned into sad, emotional, and perhaps bipolar in a way.

Things would remind me of other things and things would remind me of people and I’d break.

And I’d write.

To forget.

To let out.

To say it

Even when I knew that I shouldn’t.

You guys are my therapists.

I tell you guys everything I…

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If this is your first time visiting my blog!


I appreciate it, especially with everyone’s busy schedule.
Before you start to look around please read my About page,
it explains how we got to this journey and its kind of
my version of a Warning Label on what you might read  =)

This blog will have random dates/years posted, those that know me
I tend to color outside the lines as they say, normal is overreacted
in my opinion *lol* So look at the date by my name, peeps have freaked out
on the subject matter and think they need to do something!

As I mentioned in the About I have a copypaper box full of work
bedsides what I am writing currently- so no shortage of writing to post
you have been warned*smirking*

As with anyone what’s going on around you, reflects in your work,
attitude, emotions, some raw, in some cases the pictures
I use as visual express that feeling more and more or they
will give me the idea to write something. I love to read
paranormal and romantic suspense, some of the visual
might lean more gothic and dark. But I have sappy and
sensual tossed in there also, never know when my MUSE
runs amuck.

If your interested you can get alerts when I posted something new,
just hit the follow button on the right corner of my home page. As
easily as you follow you can un follow.
I know this is not for everybody, if you know someone, who
might like it- give them the link, the more the merrier!
I don’t have all the fancy buttons Facebook and other social media
has so I will post a Guestbook now and then if you want to drop me a line, leave some
feedback good or bad- writers can only get better. I also have an email set
up for my blog, let me know if you want it, instead of posting something here.

While I am proud of all my writing, the archives of 8/2014 and 5/2015
has some that I’m most proud of, its also where I got post happy *lol*

Well this has been longer then I planned, but I roll at being wordy.

Thanks again for stopping by whether you wanted to see the other
side of me, or came by to read my work.

Kimber Michaela 2015

PS I forgot something- I am now a member of the Romantic Writers of America (RWA)
besides my work here, I’m working on a manuscript (Chosen) and wanting still
on getting a book of my poetry done. Yep lots of projects, will keep you posted.

Ok I think I’m done now =)

Dusting off the cobwebs of sorts!

Don’t mind how things look at the moment,
getting things in order so to speak.

I’m about to put myself and the blog out in the wild blue yonder ,
as in sharing the site with family, friends, co-workers, and
customers- to some this will be quite a shock that I Write!
So you can guess I’m a bit nervous, but this
is who I am and I’m very proud of my words!

Well back to it, those who are already
with me here, I thank you from the bottom of my
heart, hope to add some more traveling partners
on my journey.


Kimber Michaela