We will


We will always be by and have each other’s back
whether near or far.

For what we share together,
the bond will always be!

Many will come and go
but a place in my heart you will always reside.

To those loved and always will be.

You know who you are ❤

Kimber Michaela 2013

Do I

Do I Deserve!
to be loved and cherished.
to take passion to new heights.
to laugh and be silly.
to feel part of something.
to feel sexy when he looks my way.
to have a future and happiness.
to feel complete.
Do I deserve Him
and all he makes me feel.
Do We Deserve Each Other!

Kimber Michaela 2012


Sitting watching where I have been
disappearing from my sight.
Wondering where I am heading
back to is still so right.
My mind is full of images
of things left undone.
My heart and soul are
still where I had been
because it had felt like
I was HOME!

Kimber Michaela 2011

~My Writing~

My Writing
my friend
my confidant
my lover
my soulmate
my outlet for my passion
thoughts and emotions
my therapist

My Writing
is what I am now and always will be ME!

So don’t try to change me, fix me,
because I’m not  broken!

Kimber Michaela 2012

~A Partner


A partner
is someone who is in front of you
to make sure your protected.
A partner
is someone who is by your side waiting
for whatever may come.
A partner
is someone who is behind you
ready to wrap their arms around
you and pull you back in their embrace.
A partner
loves you unconditionally.
A partner
know things will not always be perfect
but if they are worth it, thing will be resolved.
A partner
lets you have your space as you do them.
A partner
holds your hand and wipes the tears away.
A partner
is the first person you call to celebrate a victory or great news
A partner
is someone you share your days and nights with.
A partner
is someone who helps out and shares the burden
of what happens.
A partner
will subsitute and understand but will
never try to take another’s place.
A partner
is there when you take your last breath
and knows they will see you again.
A partner
makes the circle of life complete.

Kimber Michaela 2012
the picture to some is different of what’s be said-
but it shows how important a relationship is.
2 gentlemen Steve and Sean told my Mom
I needed to have this published.
Here we are, hope your proud as they are.
My step dad was a pilot so the fighter jets
are a tribute to him I guess.


My Hope


My hope is that you will be happy.
My hope is that you will find someone
to love you, share all your hopes, dreams
and wishes as I share what I am feeling
right now.

Know this is true
as you have taken your first breath
and I hold you in my hands
and whisper in your ear.

My love is eternal
my sweet child.

My love is eternal
no matter where you are.

Kimber Michaela 2012

To all the parent and those yet to be-
the love for a child is always eternal
when I came across this pic I knew.



Forgive you- you ask
Put it all behind us
Forget all the scars, the blood and tears
that were shed.

Forgive you- you ask
For putting the gun within reach
of my hand and pumping the pain
through  my veins.

Forgive you- you ask
For putting me in this room
with only my words as company.

Forgive is 2 words
FOR doing something for another
GIVE sending energy out so that
everyone can enjoy the feelings of love.

Forgive you- you ask

Forgive me I say,
as you fall to your knees.

Kimber Michaela 2010



Sometimes things are forgotten
returning a phone call, picking up
something from the store and so on.
But a person should not be on that list
they are not something that can be replaced
or picked up later on an errand.
What you may have forgotten could be a celebration
you are not a part of no matter many times
you watch the video or look at the pictures
that moment is lost.
What you have forgotten could haunt you  the
rest of your life, being unable to say goodbye,
giving peace before they take their last breath,
telling them you love them and they will
never be forgotten.
Don’t forget you see
I know what is like

Kimber Michaela 2010



I have not always had perfect wings!
There was a time or two when I lost my way.
It looked as I was broken with only
one inked on my skin.
But I had faith and kept believing
you were just around the bend.
I have not always had perfect wings!
You see I was waiting for my other wing
the one you wear to complete things.

Kimber Michaela 2012