@ShashaSelflove 2/11/16 Waiting



As I sit at gate 22, terminal 5 in JFK Airport – I am waiting for the flight to board, I wonder…How many things are we waiting for? And how many things are we simply procrastinating about? There is always something that I am putting off, but why?

I usually will give myself an excuse – be patient, don’t hurry things, it will happen when it is the right time. That is what I tell myself, many of us aren’t sure if it is the right move or the right time. We wiggle around uncomfortably trying to navigate through the thought process that is “taking action”.  It is terrifying sometimes, certain decisions will affect you in the long term and those around you. You mull over what to do, how to do it, what you need to do to and how do you know of this is the right path.

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@ShashaSelflove 2/18/16 Break Away



There is nothing wrong with forging your own path. Sometimes the traditional,  popular,  tried and tested journey isn’t for you. You simply are perfectly fine with having ice cream for breakfast,  go ahead and do just that. Carve away your own story, make it as unique as you are and allow the manifestation of your vision be true to you.

Scary,  the thought that you are about to embark on a path that many don’thave the audacity to walk, the path to self discovery, fulfillment and joy. Don’t allow fear to stop you from taking it all on, you are smart enough to know that allowing yourself to stop the stagnation in your life will supply you with the satisfaction you have denied yourself all this time. What are you afraid of? Maybe it isn’t fear at all.

It is comfortable,  to ride along without having to change up what…

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Do you know?


Do you know
where he has gone
wise one?
Did he tell you
I would come?
Do you know
where he has gone
wise one?
Did he tell you about me?
Do you know
where his is
wise one?
Please tell him I was here.
Do you know
where she went
wise one?
Know this that you
took too long
for now she is forever gone!

Kimber Michaela 2011




I see her
I feel her
when no one else does.
I hug her
I cry with her
when no one else does.
I know her because
we were together for 9 months
she is my twin.
She gave up her life
so that I could live.
I love you always
my sister
when no one else does.

Kimber Michaela 2012

I am not a twin, but I can
only image the bond they share always.



Everything I Never Told You


When my heart becomes
drained from voices
and sound, the anchor
of social interaction
crushing me into stone.
I go in search
of solitary exclusion

My ship sailing away
into the gray.
The night opens
for me.
My soul’s backbone
chilled by the wind.
fingerprints unseen.

I hide out under
a hard luck moon.
In those moments
I love no one.
I hate no one.
I’m indifferent

Lost in the stillness
The shadows follow me.
They write in pencil
taking notes in
a black journal
chronicling the sadness
that resides in me.

Something lingers
in the silence, a ghost,
an echo of compassion
creeping up and taking
possession of my bones

Eventually the stars
catch my eye
giving me a provocative
wink. Pointing their
celestial fingers at me.

Singing back
my lost lullaby.
reminding me the
universe can be
mysterious and grand.

Embracing me in humanity
Folding me back

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@ShashaSelflove 1/28/16 Why

I so agree, and know so many can relate =)


You have been working so hard, dedicated to that goal that you see ahead of you. You plan and execute, moving forward slowly and making progress every step. You learn that as you go, not all will cheer you on – many are not holding their breath to see you make that next jump, they are waiting to see you fall between the steps. Whereas you intended your struggle to inspire motivation, it has inspired envy – it wasn’t your intention but it has happened.

You are going to have your set backs, which isn’t to be unexpected nor should it be unwelcomed. Embrace the sweat coming off your brow, allow the challenges to continue to mold you and practice wound care frequently. You are on your way. Set backs are a way of keeping you sharp, humble and grounded. Make every effort to keep the right people around you…

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