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                                          I   imagination

F   amily


Kimber Michaela    2012

Grrrr I can’t get it to line up right- but you get the

way it is suppose to be *shakes head*


The Realism


Sometimes chalk it up to the situation,
things will settle down.

It might be a bit of a blind eye,
then the realism.

They probably could of sold tickets,
see she didn’t catch on to the ignoring.

The rudeness, going behind her back, this
is the new norm and it will not change.

Guess better late then never comes to mind.

Hey I got the Memo Now Assholes!!!

Kimber Michaela 2015


I don’t think I’m alone!

zits 1 2016

Yep, it friggin nailed it *rolling eyes*
Procrastination wants to move in with no expiration
date on the lease.

Focus seems to be wandering around like a lost child.

Productivity tries its key but you know who
has changed the locks again!

I was on vacay from work during the holidays,
*shh don’t tell procrastination* but productivity
snuck in here and there.

I am holding focus hand tighter to keep the wandering so much.

The battle between procras and produc continues- just
wish me luck.

Kimber Michaela 2016

Welcome 2016


*blows party horn- shoots off confetti cannon*

This picture describes life.

But as writer’s this is what we pour on
to our pages.

Some understand us, some shake their heads
in confusion, some try to tear us down.

But we keep on blogging, sharing words,
support whether defending or giving a shoulder.
Music and life as general.

So I say thank you to all of you here,
Happy New Year and let’s have a kick ass year.

Kimber Michaela 2016





Its a simple word that has a lot of power
and action behind it.
The power has to come from within,
staying positive, having faith
and pushing forward.
But actions have to be put in motion
actions speak louder then words
they say.
We all loose track of this 1 word
with so much going on in our lives.
Where  would we be today~ if no one had believed?
Believe in yourself, no body will
unless you do it first and show them how.

Kimber Michaela 2012

The Touch


A simple touch can mean so much.
A soft kiss of love that is blessed.
A hug that chases the fears and pain away.
A note on a table letting you know
your cherished just because.
A warm bath run so stress
will be forgotten page of the day.
A card sent to brighten up the day’s.
Its the simple things in life
you look forward to so much.

Kimber Michaela 2012



A crumbled piece of paper
will not make life’s problems go away.

Torn pages will not to the same.

So flatten back out that piece of
paper you crumpled.

If getting rid of something or someone was
as easy as crumpling a piece of paper
and tossing it on the floor.

You would see no ground anymore.

Kimber Michaela 2012