I Stand


I stand with my eyes closed
so that I can’t see the sorrow and pity
in their faces.
They think I am silent because I’m fighting
the inner turmoil  of now being a widow.
Everyone leaves and go on with their day.

I am left standing alone.
It is not a foreign emotion for  me
thou many wouldn’t know this.

A million thoughts run through my mind.
I finally open my eyes and look down.
The secret is forever sealed in your urn
buried in this fresh dirt beneath my feet.

I am the ONE would is standing NOW!

Kimber Michaela 2011

Whispers in the hall


I hear them, whispering outside my door
should we check on here?
No – she needs to deal with this
her own way, you heard her!

Yeah but what if she needs something
she knows were we are.
Come one
I heard feet shuffling down the hall
and their door shuts .

How am I to deal with this,
I curl myself into the tightest ball I can and
and try to shut the world out.
As the lyrics of us, lay scattered on the floor.

No one will hear the magic we made ever again.

Kimber Michaela 2012

No Wings


They told me to be careful
they were fragile.
But I did not listen.
They told me the consequences
if these were damaged or broken.
But I did not listen.

Now I’m a scared guardian angel
with no wings to get back home.
Why didn’t I listen!!

Why didn’t I listen!!

I only wanted to make the little ones smile
for a little while!

Kimber Michaela 2012

I Can!!!!


I can do this
I’m stronger then they
give me credit
I will not show weakness
They think they have won
I might be trembling inside
Bit I’m rock solid outside

I can do this
Take a deep breath
I walk in that room
I wait recognition to take hold
l look them all in the eye and say


Kimber Michael 2011

Rest Little Angel


Rest Little Angel
The demons and predators were
waging chaos full force trying
to catch us off guard by joining together tonight.

But they show us a weakness that
will use to our advantage the next time.
You had to draw blood tonight that scars
your soul for some time or always in some cases.
I know this literally.

Rest Little Angel
The battle will soon start again.

Kimber Michaela 2011

The Trigger


From that look you want to know what  I do, as you check me out
thou when you get to the gun, you step back a bit.
Honestly I could tell you, but you wouldn’t believe me if I did.
Then you would have to live with that and truth be told I
have a hard time myself at times.
By day I could be your neighbor or carpool mom,
but I live in a different world of the night.
I don’t wear a uniform or dog tags around my neck
like my loved ones.
I’m focus on justice and what is right.
If your on the list, its not our fault, but yours.
you think you won’t get caught,  you won’t even notice
your in my gun site, until its to late once the trigger
has been pulled.
You decide  what she does for a living?

Truth is I’m a woman who kicks ass in the
pages of a romance novel.

Kimber Michaela 2013
When I saw this picture I knew I had to write something,

I have held off posting this with all the gun debate, shootings If your
offended  I’m sorry.

My grandpa Gregory ( who taught me how to shoot), my parents
my step dad had guns in the house and I was taught a lot of
respect, they were not toys.


Good Night


Good Night
my friend
we’ve gotten through another battle.

Good Night
my friend
you are safe for now.

Good Night
my friend
you are not the enemy or a monster
people just don’t understand.

Good Night
my friend
let me kiss your head and show
thou we are from different worlds
we want the same thing
love and acceptance.

Good Night
my friend
sleep well, I will watch
over over you this starry night.

Kimber Michaela 2012