Climbing  to the next step,
the stairs  uneven, and dirty.

But the higher I go the more
strength, determination and success
fills my soul.

What it means is to never give up
and lose faith.

It means so much much more at this
time in my life.

Kimber Michaela  these last few months 2018



Sparks shoot up and light the night sky.

Some rain down on you and it
feels great and you feel alive with caring.

The next set stop mid air and die out.

The first set was not meant for you
it was a miss calculation.

Your night sky will no longer be bright,
his spark has gone away.

Kimber Michaela 2018



Raindrops slide off my extended fingertips.
Tears from above of those lost
and can’t find their way.
They hope these raindrops ,
will lead them to peace from
all the sorrow.

Kimber Michaela 2018


Sting of the Needle


a hum breaks up the silence.
a touch almost like a lovers run across pale skin.
the mind is lost in a dreamlike state.
the hum stops and silence returns.
something slides across my skin.
i’m back to reality.
i look over shoulder proud shines
in the face of the dangerous man
i was just imitate with.
I get up and covering my bare breasts
look in the mirror and see his masterpiece
that in covers the full length of my back
i have wings now and I will forever fly.

Kimber Michaela 2014

Gettin’ Warmed Up-J Aldean

“But we’re just gettin warm up,
Just gettin started
Already fired up”

That seems to be a way I’ll be looking at things,
from now on.
Definitely Differently~the way its suppose to be!
My writing seems to have taken a power charge. Whooooo!
So be warned I will be posting more and more.

Enjoy some Jason Aldean
Happy Sunday!!

KM 2018

I’m A Mess

I’m a mess it seems not,
really good to anyone right now.

I need to get a hold or
they might all walkaway.

Others have it together or
seem to be, whether it is wisdom,
maturity or education.|

Why have someone you always have
to pick up the pieces of their life
and remind them.

What they have already known
and hope I get it together and
before it becomes to late for
some one to help put up
the pieces for the last time.

They are tired of me not getting
it together!

As they say you can’t help someone
who won’t do  themselves.

Sadly it is too late, they
have already walked away.

Now, I’m left to pick up the pieces,
but they have taken some with them.

Maybe a reminder of what I never could do.

Kimber Michaela  2018




Lone Rose


A lone rose among thorns
its blossomed from a bud to now.
But no one has been able to touch it, feel
the petals against their skin or
smell its sweet scent.

The pain has been to great when
anyone has attempted
The more they try  the hue
has becomes blood red some would call it.
And it falls deeper in the thorns.

A lone rose remains among the thorns
it will die if no one try’s to love it.

Kimber Michaela 2011