Getting the Ball Rolling

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Final-Momentum-LogoMomentum is one hell of a thing.

Sometimes all it takes is a small nudge in the right direction, and the metaphorical snowball starts barreling down a hill at blinding speeds.

Little successes in one area of life, can easily and often translate over into others.

That’s why whenever I find myself in a rut, I try to learn something new.   It doesn’t have to be something cumbersome, or entirely practical even, just something novel. There are lots of small or fun things you can learn to do in less than a day.

Here are 24 skills you can learn in under 48 hours, with pretty amazing instructions.

I have tried my hand at many of those skills listed in the past year, and have had success with several of them.

Most notably though, would be my adventures in juggling.  If I had to suggest any one skill for you…

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Keep Yourself Safe

Keep yourself safe
is an uphill battle.
People are changing things without even asking.
Privacy is not a one size fits all.
When you’ve dealt with problems
of a physical nature in the past,
staying under the radar gives
you peace of mind.
People wonder why ugly things happen these days?
People just want to keep in touch, etc
We get comfortable and let our
guards down and things turn to chaos.
Keeping yourself safe, means to
you to keep your armor close by.

Kimber Michaela 2011

~~ Pain~~

I feel the pain it starts at my head
and creeps down spreading to
every muscle, nerve and vein
in my body.

Its slow and agonizing, not something
quick and then its over.

Meds and Alcohol don’t help
but dull it a little, then it comes
back at 1000 times worse.

It seems like it will never end.

I feel the pain it started the
moment you walked out of my door
and life.

Kimber Michaela 2010


You are enough
to mend my broken heart.
You are enough
to pick up the pieces of my soul.
You are enough
to chase the darkness away
so that I sit with the lights a glow.
You are enough
thou at times you don’t
think you are worthy.
Take the advise you give me
you are worthy- you just need
to have faith and believe!

Kimber Michaela 2011

You can’t

You can’t make everyone happy
no matter how much you spread
yourself around, someone will
feel shorted in the deal.

Some will leave and move on because
you were just a bus stop, leaving
those who understood receiving
what the others no longer had
the patience for.

You can’t make everyone happy
Believe me I have tried
But I won’t make those same
mistakes again.

Kimber Michaela 2010


Webster defines Drama as
a play for acting on a stage,
a vivid series of events,
dramatic quality

Dramatic– highly vivid or compelling

D ifficult

R eal

A ctions

M ulitple

A ttention

Drama is what you make of it, whether good,
bad or anything in between.
Drama will always be a part of our everyday lives.
They say the world is a stage and we are the actors.
Make sure the character you play will be remembered as
you want it to be.

Kimber Michaela 2009