Me, Myself and I

Is what I have to do to heal my
inner soul and heart, because its
to fragile to go on as it
is right now.

Raw emotions are seeping out and getting tangled
up in everything going on around me.

I need to get off this crazy ride
I feel like I’m on and just sit, watch, relax
and heal the most important thing Me.

So that I can enjoy this Life
We only get one chance at.

Kimber Michaela 2007

My Imagination

has always been my invisible playmate
no one could ever see

its kept me going with dreams, fantasies,
inspiration when I felt like letting
life slip away

it goes from one extreme to another
anything and everything-no limits

it is the muse for my writing, daydreaming
and thoughts when I go to sleep at night

My imagination is my invisible playmate
will you come out and play again?

Kimber Michaela 2008