sometimes you


Sometimes you have to submerge
yourself no matter how deep it is
and the level will continue to rise.

Things will change and you will no longer
feel like you have to tread water
in the river of life.

You’ve survived it on your own and
when and if you have to wade back in.

Your stronger and wiser then before,
the next time it won’t be so deep.

Kimber Michaela 2013


I reach

I reach and touch your face
and caress it with the side of my hand
it glides over your beard
its rough to the touch.

But I like that roughness, they make
certain men sexy and an air of danger
you look at me and roll your eyes.

But its a major turn on for me and
your all for that.

I pull my hand away and step back
so I can stand on my tippy toes and
put my arms around your neck, being
short is a major disadvantage at times.

I look deep into your eyes I am lost in them.

When my eyes open again, my hands are
flat against the shower wall, I rest my forehead
against the cold tile. Your not here.

I sigh, I found my lost again and again
as I reach.

Kimber Michaela 2016

The Hug


I sit in this place
My wings are outstretched waiting
to be embraced.

I listen there is silence and so I wait.

I wrap my arms tightly around
my body, it is cold and dark now.

My wings stay outstretched for when
they wrap around me I know
the hugs will come no more.

Kimber Michaela 2010

Old and Tattered


What a waste!

To some its just and old building
in desperate need of repair.

I see an old soul
who has weathered whatever
was thrown its way.

Hope, promises, love and grief
has passed through the building
down that aisle and have made it
to the other side.

This will be a place of peace, love
hope once again.

This is the house of memories
to all that have passed through.

Kimber Michaela 2014

I always thought it would be cool to
turn an old building into a loft. Taking something
old and tattered and bring it back to life.

Monday Thoughts 2/20/17


This is what I needed to see right now.
I haven’t been able to type THE END on one
of my WIP’s, yes I said plural!!

They start, then either from a major distraction,
that keeps me from opening the document, that leaves
it in cobwebs, that I can’t step back in.
Or I research and visual myself right out the other
end of the story.

You hear the words of other writer’s sit your butt
in the chair, write everyday, etc…
Day duties suck my mental energy
so very much right now.
I’m not one of those writers who can grab 10 mins
here and there, it takes me that long just to get myself
and material settled. Laughing out Loud.

But that’s what make all of the writers so UNIQUE,
we can try to do what others do, but in the end, it
is our own way that is our own!
I am my own worst enemy when I look at what I write,
at a RWA readers for life event, a best selling author told me
to put the red pen away until you type THE END.

I just need to take it word by word, line by line, and
I’ll know you’ll ┬ácheering me on and
be waiting on that last page when I type THE END!

Kimber Michaela


My Weapons


My weapons are drawn
I’m ready to fight
for the love one’s I care
so much about.

My weapons are drawn
I’m ready to fight for
the one’s I couldn’t live without.

Please remember I Love You!
As I step into the light,
that they will not let me be back.

My weapons are drawn
I’m ready to fight.

Kimber Michaela 2012