The Lesson

How many times will I have it happen
to me where I get knocked down
by the same enemy again and again.

Only to say I won’t have that happen to me
but here I sit feeling like someone has
torn me to pieces.

They must enjoy seeing me bleed and suffer.
I really think they get off to it. How sick is that.
I have to finally learn the lesson  before
its to late for me.
If those that hurt me have to deal with the
same pain then so be it.

I don’t make the rules anymore.

© Kimber Michaela 2016

I’m having trouble

I’m having trouble wrapping my arms
around anything/everything right now-

I have all these paths laying out
in front of me, looking inviting,
with lots of possibilities.

But I seem to be spinning my wheels
and burning rubber and not getting anywhere.
I’m getting more restless and frustrated
the more I look at them.

I’m not getting the answers
I need to find my way.
I have lost my map!

© 2009 Kimber Michaela

What do you do?

maxresdefault (5)

What do you see when you look in the mirror
Is it everything you want it to be
I’m told my face and skin could grace
the cover of  magazines, women would envy
and men would find intriguing.

There is an innocence about me, thou
I can be a siren in my next breath.

My friend made my jewelry and body
accessorizes, they give off such a real effect.

What do you see when you look in the mirror
I see a woman comfortable in her skin
ready to take what’s next since
she just kicked some major ass.

The picture is the cover of a magazine
called Different- Deal with it!

This is who I am when I look in the mirror,
all of it is real, no fake, touched up,
or glued on pieces.

Are you what you see in the mirror?

© 2010 Kimber Michaela

*Image belongs to the owner*