I Can!!!!


I can do this
I’m stronger then they
give me credit
I will not show weakness
They think they have won
I might be trembling inside
But I’m rock solid outside

I can do this
Take a deep breath
and walk in that room
I wait for recognition to take hold.
Look them all in the eye
and say No I Didn’t DIE!!!

Kimber Michaela 2011

I Stand


! stand with my eyes closed
so that I can’t see the sorrow and pity
in their faces.
They think I am silent because I’m fighting
the inner turmoil of now being a widow.
Everyone leaves and goes on with their days.
I am left standing alone.
It is not a foreign emotion for me
thou many wouldn’t know this.
A million thoughts run through my mind.
I finally open my eyes and look down.
The secret is forever sealed in your urn
buried in this fresh dirt beneath my feet.
I am the ONE now standing!

Kimber Michaela 2011

Whispers in the hall


I hear them, whispering outside my door
should we check on her?
No- she needs to deal with this
her own way, you heard her!
Yeah, but what if she needs something,
she knows where we are, Come on.
I heard footsteps shuffling down the hall
and a door shuts.

How am I to deal with this,
I curl myself into the tightest ball and
try to shut the world out.
As the lyrics of us, lay scattered
among emotions on my bedroom floor.

No one will heard the magic we made ever again.

Kimber Michaela 2012

Good Night


Good Night
my friend
we’ve gotten through another battle.

Good Night
my friend
you are safe for now.

Good Night
my friend
you are not the enemy or a monster
people just don’t understand.

Good Night
my friend
let me kiss your head and show
thou we are from different worlds
we want the same thing.

Good Night
my friend
sleep well, I will watch over this night!

Kimber Michaela 2011



No Wings


They told me to be careful
they were fragile
But I did not listen.
They told me the consequences
if these were damaged or broken
But I did not listen.

Now I’m a scared  guardian angel
with no wings to get back home.

Why didn’t I listen!!

Why didn’t I listen!!

I only wanted to make them smile for a little while!

Kimber Michaela 2012

You look at me


You look at me and
wonder what I’m trying to be ?
Is it a photo shot for an Ad or Magazine!
The reality is I’m just being me,
no gimmick or imitation!
I look at you and
wonder who you’re try to imitate?

Kimber Michaela  2011