Do I live or do I write or should I say,

live by normal people’s standard’s. Or

write with wild passionate abandonment.

Writing is a part of me, just like breathing is

a part of every living thing.

How do you combine writing and everyday life

to make a person complete.

Other writers know why, we need to get words,

ideas and stories running around in our heads down

on paper and computer screens.

Others don’t and we spend precious time and

energy trying to tell and convince

them what we are doing is important and has a purpose

which is to save our heart and soul.

Well for now I will do the normal routine of my day job

because I have to survive.

But then in the darkness of the night before I go to sleep

I will open a vein and let the writer in me speak.

Kimber  Michaela 2007

This was written years back, I still work on combining

both lives, but writing has become a priority.

Many writer’s will understand my words,

that is why I have shared what I found in notebook.

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