I know some have wonder where I have been??

The daytime drama and stress has left me – well you know…

So I have not been on the internet  * I know many GASP at that comment* lol

Christmas time off will be coming soon and then look out world!!!!

To any new followers thank you for coming along on this crazy journey.

For any new stop byes- thank you– I have been sharing my link to  work peeps, friends and

family- so now they can go so that is what she is like behind the scenes * Oh Shit*

I was sitting at Barnes & Nobles café last night putting some words on paper, and

trying not to get frostbite- it is usual cold- but it was at a whole new level.

Some of those words were on my WIP manuscript “Chosen” some were

new ink for here to go with the stuff I already have!!

I just wanted to let you know I’m still here- hang in there with me!

Hope this finds everyone well.


Kimber Michaela

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