This is what I needed to see right now.
I haven’t been able to type THE END on one
of my WIP’s, yes I said plural!!

They start, then either from a major distraction,
that keeps me from opening the document, that leaves
it in cobwebs, that I can’t step back in.
Or I research and visual myself right out the other
end of the story.

You hear the words of other writer’s sit your butt
in the chair, write everyday, etc…
Day duties suck my mental energy
so very much right now.
I’m not one of those writers who can grab 10 mins
here and there, it takes me that long just to get myself
and material settled. Laughing out Loud.

But that’s what make all of the writers so UNIQUE,
we can try to do what others do, but in the end, it
is our own way that is our own!
I am my own worst enemy when I look at what I write,
at a RWA readers for life event, a best selling author told me
to put the red pen away until you type THE END.

I just need to take it word by word, line by line, and
I’ll know you’ll  cheering me on and
be waiting on that last page when I type THE END!

Kimber Michaela


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