The latch slipped from its slot.
The gate slides open just a bit.
I didn’t notice right away.
As I get closer my heart beats faster.
I pace back and forth like something
that has been caged in wanting to
get out, but not having the right key.

Do I dare, see what’s waiting on the other side.
Once I do, nothing will be the same.
This the moment I have looked for.

Do I  or live with the regrets of what if’s.
My hand shakes as I push the gate open a little farther.

Part of my emotional baggage will be left behind.
Some comes with me because I’m ME!
Some I will gather along the way.

I look back, take a deep breath,
I grab my reins, and hit the opening full force.
The wind is in my face and air fills my lungs.

Kimber Michaela 2012
This was written the month after my mom died.
I love her for all she did and helped with over the years.
But it was her way and everyone else was wrong if they don’t it that way.
For me to have the latch opened she had to leave us.
I wouldn’t be who I needed to be.
So I hope I have made her proud, by being what I was suppose to be.

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