A partner
is someone who is in front of you
to make sure your protected.
A partner
is someone who is by your side waiting
for whatever may come.
A partner
is someone who is behind you
ready to wrap their arms around
you and pull you back in their embrace.
A partner
loves you unconditionally.
A partner
know things will not always be perfect
but if they are worth it, thing will be resolved.
A partner
lets you have your space as you do them.
A partner
holds your hand and wipes the tears away.
A partner
is the first person you call to celebrate a victory or great news
A partner
is someone you share your days and nights with.
A partner
is someone who helps out and shares the burden
of what happens.
A partner
will subsitute and understand but will
never try to take another’s place.
A partner
is there when you take your last breath
and knows they will see you again.
A partner
makes the circle of life complete.

Kimber Michaela 2012
the picture to some is different of what’s be said-
but it shows how important a relationship is.
2 gentlemen Steve and Sean told my Mom
I needed to have this published.
Here we are, hope your proud as they are.
My step dad was a pilot so the fighter jets
are a tribute to him I guess.


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