My Story
words on a page
raw emotions, mixed with blood and tears.

A timeline of events
starting small, peaking then crashing
down in the darkness within
the confusion, chaos and pain.

My story is ever changing as is the timeline
of moments starts once more.
I’m a work in progress.

Some pages are torn out, and lay crumpled
on the floor, some crossed through
and some stay intact.
Some are finished and some are just pieces.
They could find themselves on this page,
or stay in the pages of many spirals.

My Story continues, I hope you come with
me and see where it goes.

© 2015 Kimber Michaela

I’m bi-polar and in 2015 I had a manic
roll a coaster ride of everything I was dealing
with and wasn’t. I  had  a wonderful doctor,
who rode that ride with me.
Sadly, she is no longer in practicing.

So, I’m off to see a new doctor in a month,
and my story will continue.

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