Me, Myself and I

Is what I have to do to heal my
inner soul and heart, because its
to fragile to go on as it
is right now.

Raw emotions are seeping out and getting tangled
up in everything going on around me.

I need to get off this crazy ride
I feel like I’m on and just sit, watch, relax
and heal the most important thing Me.

So that I can enjoy this Life
We only get one chance at.

Kimber Michaela 2007

My Imagination

has always been my invisible playmate
no one could ever see

its kept me going with dreams, fantasies,
inspiration when I felt like letting
life slip away

it goes from one extreme to another
anything and everything-no limits

it is the muse for my writing, daydreaming
and thoughts when I go to sleep at night

My imagination is my invisible playmate
will you come out and play again?

Kimber Michaela 2008

With the Strike of Midnight

With the strike of midnight,
we awaken to a new year.

Calendar dates soon to be filled in.
We look on 2013 for all the knowledge
we have learned and how we have grown.

We look to new opportunities, relationships
if they are meant to be and being comfortable
in who we are and embracing it and so much more
in this new year.

So on this 1st day of 2014
I wish you all a Happy New Year
full of happiness, success and most of all
peace and love.

Kimber Michaela


Writing gets me through
the darkest days
so that they are bearable.

When I feel like I’m lost
it may not make all the problems go away.

But it makes it less lonely, overwhelming
and feeling like I’m drowning in it all.

It is my companion and never judges me
or asks why.

Writing gets me through
the darkest days.

Kimber Michaela 2010

Snap out of it

The scene where Cher slaps Nicholas Cage

and says that is a classic moment.

But its a line that is told more then you realize

in different forms.

It’s only in your head, your imagining it, it’s not real,

quit then, your faking it, you only want attention and

my favorite you don’t need those.

They seem to be words of the moments, some

don’t know what to do or care for that matter.

It might work well in a script but life doesn’t

have dress rehearsals and many takes.

Make the effort to understand and be educated

before you say something you can’t take back.

Were all different in some way or another.

Kimber Michaela 2013

Living and Writing

Do I live or do I write or should I say,

live by normal people’s standard’s. Or

write with wild passionate abandonment.

Writing is a part of me, just like breathing is

a part of every living thing.

How do you combine writing and everyday life

to make a person complete.

Other writers know why, we need to get words,

ideas and stories running around in our heads down

on paper and computer screens.

Others don’t and we spend precious time and

energy trying to tell and convince

them what we are doing is important and has a purpose

which is to save our heart and soul.

Well for now I will do the normal routine of my day job

because I have to survive.

But then in the darkness of the night before I go to sleep

I will open a vein and let the writer in me speak.

Kimber  Michaela 2007

This was written years back, I still work on combining

both lives, but writing has become a priority.

Many writer’s will understand my words,

that is why I have shared what I found in notebook.