Yeah, I know it was April, but being timely- Hell that isn’t working so well-lol
I was never a big reader growing up, until a co worker in the 90’s handled me a book,
by Donna Boyd “The Passion” my love of wolf shifters and paranormal was born
and my bookshelves are evidence to that, and many other genres along the way.
This was my first RT and its geared more to readers, but I learned alot at the workshops.
I flew in Thursday morning, and crammed 4 workshops that day, I would head back to
Harrah’s and I did the back and forth Friday. Saturday was the big book fair over 400 authors, we started to line up at 7:30am and the doors opened at 11- loyal readers we are.
Its nice to be able to thank the writers for being inspiration for those just starting out,
the escape their stories provide if only for 400pgs.
I know there was MANY fan girl moments in that room, even the writer’s say they get them. I got to meet the author who kept my love of paranormal going the one and only Christine Feehan.  I weaved in and out of rows as everyone else did.  As I headed to exit, I  saw someone who had just walked in, I paused, smiled and  I knew who it was I said have a great day, she said you too. It would be a matter of a few seconds, before the room would erupt like Time Squares on New Yrs. Eve. E L James (Fifty Shades of Grey) had just walked and I wished  her a great day!
It was quite a trip to say the least.

Thank you to all the author’s and readers who made it a great experience.

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