ok, this is only 2 months back!!
First time in San Diego, weather was perfect (let me tell you when the pilot told us
how hot it was as we landed at home, the whole plane groaned) Everybody was so nice.
This was my first RWA conference, you see the trend this year. All the talent  from the romance industry that was under the roof of the Marriott  Marquis Marina, was insane!!!

First timers got a special ribbon!! Nice and bright!!!


Yeap, this is who’s at the other end of the monitor *little cyber wave*

It was crazy, busy, and fun going to all the workshops. Many of the writer’s from RT were there also. I’m glad I got the audio of the workshops, my note taking kind of sucks as I have gotten older.
I walked to the USS Midway from the hotel and I didn’t need to rest any place. I hadn’t done my treadmill prior to the trip so I wasn’t sure ,I do a lot of computer paperwork at day job. I put my toes in the sand at Coronado beach. Found a place called the Upstart Crow bookstore. It had lots of goodies, that may have made there way in my luggage!!!!rwa-2016-011This will be the 1st of many RWA conferences I plan to attend. Its a group that I am proud and honored to be a part of.
Going to put all that great advise, and knowledge to good work.

Believe me I went on and on about this trip when I got back- we have a saying in our family about going on and on like a drunk robin- let me tell you my robin was drunk *big smile*


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