A former co worker said I was approaching 48 that I should act more adult, as in taking out
my eyebrow piercing, while my mom knew back*mumbled years* I was getting it done. She was kind of happy at the nudging and her health had been going down so I did.
As you can see just over the frame of my sunglasses, I get it redone!!!  Might I say by the same guy who did it *pause* 14yrs ago.

This is what I went in forme-new-tat-jeep20160903_133321

An author can end a sentence with a period, or they can continue it on with a semi-colon.
I am the author and this is my life and I’m not done yet.
Believe me I confused many at work and some just *rolled their eyes* and says its just  part of my weirdness. Hell normal is overrated!!!

The semi-colon project is about mental illness, depression, suicide awareness and life.
Its a way to let everyone know- our story isn’t over yet.

So, that was my rebel saturday labor day weeknd!!!!

My third tat will there be more– laughing out laugh!!

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