I have been a bit of a rebel, the last few weeks.

I got tired of looking like a Q-tip- let me explain I have colored
my hair since I was 16 when grey hair started to creep in, and
we don’t need to do the math that has been a number of years-lol
So I went natural, that did take some getting used to.
I still had a hard time with the grey/white so I did lavender
wash and tint shampoo, it worked great but started to dry my hair out,
so back to grey/white I went. hence the Q-tip comment.
During a company function I stood out like s sore thumb as the saying goes
so 2 weeks ago I went to a light denim blue. Which I love!!!

As you can see my rebel roll has keeping going, so I got my 4th Friday evening.
As you know my rambling muse is the title of this blog. I like purple
in fact that is the only color pen I use at work, so I had her do it in purple.

I already know what my next will be and it has to do with writing.
The reason for my new found attitude, is knowing that people think
I kick ass and I’m worthy to let myself go and fly. Life is to short!!

So here’s to be unique. Have a great one!

© 2018 Kimber Michaela

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