I’m a mess it seems not,
really good to anyone right now.

I need to get a hold or
they might all walkaway.

Others have it together or
seem to be, whether it is wisdom,
maturity or education.|

Why have someone you always have
to pick up the pieces of their life
and remind them.

What they have already known
and hope I get it together and
before it becomes to late for
some one to help put up
the pieces for the last time.

They are tired of me not getting
it together!

As they say you can’t help someone
who won’t do  themselves.

Sadly it is too late, they
have already walked away.

Now, I’m left to pick up the pieces,
but they have taken some with them.

Maybe a reminder of what I never could do.

© 2018 Kimber Michaela

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